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The Ultimate Energy Bundle is comprised of three supplements.


UltraBrain is a premium nutraceutical for total brain health optimization. It contains 18 potent nutrients your brain needs to heal and function at its full power. It’s designed to seal your blood-brain barrier, heal your mitochondria, and reduce the inflammation in your brain. UltraBrain also has the potential to fix your neurons, reverse cellular dysfunction, and rewire your brain OUT of fatigue, stress, and depression mode and INTO high energy, high-performance mode. After just a few daily doses, you can expect to have more brain clarity, brain energy, brain strength, and brain balance.


Energenesis is the only mitochondrial support supplement in existence that builds REAL energy at a cellular level. It contains OVER 20 science-backed ingredients in effective doses and has absolutely zero caffeine, stimulants, sugar, or junk ingredients. Not only does it help rebuild energy, it also supports mood improvement; works to enhance endurance and stamina; improves brain energy, focus, and memory; benefits physical energy levels; and decreases brain fog. And, of course, it's 100% safe to take. Expect to notice dramatic improvements in your energy within a matter of days!


Energy Essentials & Superfoods is an ultra-high quality, comprehensive, and bioavailable multivitamin/multimineral complex that includes a diverse array of plant superfoods. With 45 bioavailable ingredients and 36 scientifically proven health benefits, it’s the most advanced and comprehensive multivitamin/multimineral/superfoods blend on the market. This carefully curated, research-backed formula is designed to flood your body with all the vital nutrients it needs to function optimally. This means that nutrient deficiencies are eliminated, and your body can express optimal health, prevent disease, and allow your cells to pump out abundant energy — every single day.